Brott mot god smak!

Köpte, via Home Entertainment, en bunt filmer.
En av dem var Marcus Nispels nyinspelning (eller vad man nu ska kalla den) av Friday The 13:th.

Jag såg den på bio och gillade den INTE! Uttryckte tydliga åsikter om detta på Moviebox
Men eftersom jag bland dvd-filmerna “stoltserar” med övriga 10 delar i serien så tyckte jag att ytterligare en usel film mer eller mindre inte spelade någon större roll.

Har suttit här på förmiddagen och kollat på det sparsmakade extramaterialet, och känner att jag måste  – ja, faktiskt MÅSTE – fylla en blogg med citat från skådespelare, författare och producenter. Citat som inte bara fungerar som starkt bevismaterial för att bekräfta sjukligt övermod, utan även är regelvidriga, straffbara och upprepade brott mot god smak!

Mark Swift (writer)

(about the character Jason)
He’s territorial. It’s not like he’s going around just killing people randomly.
(what the hell, Mark, did you even read the script you wrote?!)

Damian Shannon (writer)

Let’s face it. These movies were exploitation films when they first started. It’s about sex, drugs, violence and, you know, boozing. I mean, that’s what it is. That’s how it started. That’s the audience it’s for. We totally embrace that in this film, and I think we amp it up like you’ve never seen it before.
(Damian Shannon, from the “more is more” school of writing)

Our idea was to make it kind of like Batman Begins…
(Damian Shannon commits suicide on camera, comparing his trite piece of crap to Christopher Nolans über hit!)

This is the first time you have a huge producer, and a visual wizard that Marcus Nispel is come in and take this franchise and they’re gonna elevate it to a place that it’s never been before.
(yes, it’s been elevated to the most expensive dogturd in the history of the series!)

Brad Fuller (producer)

These are kids having sex, doing drugs and basically having fun. So what you have is a wonderfully vivacious group of kids…
(ladies and gentlemen, producer Brad Fuller marketing the use of drugs as “fun” and “vivacious”)

Sean Cunningham created just a great villain, and people love to watch him kill!
(Sean S. Cunningham only produced and directed the first part in the series, in which Jason wasn’t the killer – and even his final appearance, in a dream sequence, wasn’t his idea. Cunningham also produced part 9 and 10 and the spin-off Freddy Vs. Jason, but has had nothing to do with the rest of the series, or Jasons subsequent killing spree – until this new one, where he is listed as ‘producer’).

Andrew Form (producer)

Friday the 13th is a fun horror film. And not all horror movies are fun. You know, a lot of them are torture, and you’re not looking at the screen ’cause you don’t want to look at someone get their fingernails ripped off or have them put on a meat hook with an insert of a hook going in the back.
(both these things, that people – according to producer Andrew Form – won’t look at, can be found in 2003’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, executive produced by…..guess who!)

A lot of people don’t even realize that Jason doesn’t even show up until the last shot of the first movie.
(stating what has been obvious for EVERYONE since Wes Craven’s Scream, 1996)

Derek Mears (actor, ‘Jason’)

(telling blatant lies)
The script is so good!

Everyone says that Jason’s this crazy, evil character. I’m not… In… In my mind, I’m not playing it as an evil character. I mean, he’s been wronged. And society has shunned him and constantly done him wrong throughout his life, and he just want’s to be left alone, and he’s fighting back.
(so, as Jason roasts a person in a sleeping bag over a camp fire, as he shoots an arrow through the head of a guy driving a boat on a lake, as he cuts someones head off to steal from him, as he kills a girl hiding in the water, as he puts his machete through the head of a guy with a busted leg stuck in a bear trap – all this time he just wants to be left alone…riiiight) 

Jonathan Sadowski (actor, ‘Wade’)

(talking about seeing the first Friday The 13th film)
I was young, man. Me and my cousin were up late one night, and we were watching it on television. And I will never forget! The one scene I remember is just like this long shot down the road at Camp Crystal Lake, and you just see this guy walk across the street with a…a machete and he has a bag over his head. Like, talk about giving the chills, man.
(yeah, Jonathan, I’ve got the chills. Because this might possibly have been in part two – but it’s NOT in part one)

Willa Ford (actor, ‘Chelsea’)

This version of Jason is real! And when you’re out camping with your friends, you’re not thinking about ghost stories, you’re thinking about: ‘is there some crazy lunatic dude who lost his mama living in that tree over there?’
(yeah, Willa, that’s all I ever think about when I go camping! …and yes, she’s SO blonde!)

Friday the 13th’s gonna be big. Especially when you see who’s behind this film, you know it’s being done right!
(…because ‘From the producers of (2003’s) The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ = GOLD, right?)

This Friday The 13th is going to re-establish what we felt the first time we ever saw the original Friday The 13th.
(says Willa Ford, born one year after the first Friday The 13th was released)

Julianna Gull (actor, ‘Bree’)

We’re partying, we’re drinking, we’re having fun, but it’s a new group of people. It’s new and fresh and totally different than the others.
(same teens going by different names doesn’t make it “new” or “fresh” or “different”)

(about Nispel, the director)
I love how he, in the middle of a scene, if he want’s something else – he’ll tell you.
(as a director, that’s kind of his job…)

Travis Van Winkle (actor, ‘Trent’)

This is the best Jason yet. Guaranteed. Guaranteed by far!
(Travis’ guaratees are for shit!)

Why do you think there’s been 17 installments? *laughs* I’m kidding! There’s only been 12.
(no, Travis, it’s been 11 plus one spinoff and one tv-series)


One thought on “Brott mot god smak!

  1. En kommentar som egentligen inte har med detta inlägg att göra men delvis. Jag skulle ut och handla lite filmer tänkte men det stod still i huvudet, hade plötsligt inga idéer, då kom jag på att jag kunde få tips från din blogg och det fick jag tack. 2 av 4 fick jag från din blogg.

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