RoboCop: The Bed Time Story

This will be written in english, because I intend to try to make this as internationally accessible as possible!

 A litte while ago Danne made me aware of a play manuscript written by Adam Bertocci.
Mr Bertocci had, simply put, explored what it would have looked like if William Shakespeare, in his day, had written the Cohen Brothers faboulus piece of cinematic art; The Big Lebowski, as a stage play.

 I got so inspired by this that I desperatly felt I wanted to do something similar.
But seeing as my knowledge of Shakespeare or the kind of language used in that period in time is next to non-existant, I dropped it…

 Shortly thereafter I was watching Paul Verhoeven’s violent vision of the future; RoboCop – and suddenly an idea formed in my head!
What if I wrote RoboCop as a modern bed time story…?
Omitting the curse words, but keeping the violence… Children are spoon fed violence every day, and sugar coated bed time story’s containing princes and princesses probably isn’t anything they can relate to anyway (I cynically thought) so why not just put it all out there?!
The whole thing would, of course, have to be written in rhyme!
A simple, two lines at the time, the first rhyming with the second, pattern.
Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.

 It took quite a while, but finally the entire story of RoboCop, in a somewhat child friendly (as in no curse words), rhyming version emerged from my computer…

Want to read it?

Please, go right ahead!

Just right click on the link below, and choose “save as” to download the entire thing as a nice looking PDF-document, complete with pictures and everything – just like a bed time story should be!

RoboCop – The Bed Time Story


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