Get everything right – and you must be me… (which would probably cause the space-time-continuum to fold in on itself, and we’d all die)!

%) If a Predator kills you, he’ll get to keep your skull as a trophy. If you kill him, you’ll get to keep….?

+) What does a high ranking military officer expect of you if he finds you sporting a Harvard Mouth while wearing a Faggoty White Uniform?

#) According to Tom Hanks, where are you absolutely NOT allowed to cry?

£) Who thinks he’s on the Express Elevator To Hell – Going Down?

!) If Kaihoro’s in trouble, you quickly send out….?

¤) What is a suitable punishment for spilling paint in the garage?

&) Before his friend blew up they were gonna cruise around in a Chevy Convertible ’til the tires fell off. Who is he?

*) Where is Arch Stanton buried?

$) What is the proper response when told by the bicycle-police of the Los Angeles-beach area that you’re part of the Don’t Let This Happen To You-Crowd?

?) His name is Bubba Sawyer Jr, but his friends call him…?

-Not to worry, the answers shall be revealed – in due time (i.e in a couple of days).


One thought on “R U ME?

  1. Trodde inte att jag skulle klara någon, men (håll i dig nu) jag klarade utan problem svaret på ¤). Något annat hade varit otänkbart!! (kanske inte ska avslöja svaret här och nu i min kommentar dock – men du VET ju att jag kan svaret hoppas jag? ;))
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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