Warning: Assholes ahead!

Ever thought of coming to Sweden?

This is not the dream.
This is a fucking nightmare!

Yes, there are places in our nations capital that are just as (or more) beautiful as images of them may portray. Skeppsbron, for instance. Or Fjällgatan.


And there are places far up north that will take your god damn breath away simply by looking the way it always looks, 365 days a a year!


It is also true, if that is a clinch point for your visit here, that we do really have that (most of the time) well functioning social safety net structure, where medical care is sort of taken care of through taxes…
I do not have any kind of special health care insurance, and I’ve never paid more than 200SEK (approximately $24) for any doctor’s appointment – EVEN that time four years ago when I had surgery done and was hospitalized for three days. The whole thing, a four hour surgery, sedation, food, care, IV you name it. Still only about 200SEK.
So yes, that’s true. There are exceptions of course, when this structure has failed miserably, but aren’t there always.

But as of late, very much as of this almost-to-an-end year, things here have become a total clusterfuck! Something is so wrong that you probably won’t believe me when I tell you…

You all know about the refugee crisis here in Europe, right? Who hasn’t heard of that!
Sweden has taken in a LOT of refugees. Some say, more than we can handle. Some say WAY more than we can handle.
Some say that, but they do not put it quite as nicely…

Let me do a quick side track here for a few minutes.
There are racists in Sweden, and there really is no denying it. But then again, says you, there are always racists in the world. And yes, you are right. Some racists are SO MUCH racists that it becomes clear and simple nazism. These people, no matter how hateful and scary, will always make me think of the Illinois Nazis in The Blues Brothers. They’re so clueless that they (almost) become comical.

But then we have the really dangerous ones. The ones that say all the right things, the ones that on a quick glance (which sadly is how many people view politics – even in vote years) seem almost civil. They seem to have a broad agenda, they seem to have solutions and – most importantly – they seem to have a firm grasp of what the problems consist of!
And the problems consist of….non Swedes!
And this past year, definately refugees!

There is a party in our government. A party that last time we had election got 13% of the votes… 13%!
This party has had high up members caught on camera swinging iron pipes in the street.
They’ve had a member standing in parliament and live on tv claim that €400.000 is (no, I’m not making this up!). Most people in this country know that the only thing you do to make an estimated conversion from € to SEK is add one (1) zero.
They’ve had one member comment on the refugee crisis with the following: “Can’t someone just stand on the Öresunds-bridge with a machine gun!”. This is an actual politician we’re talking about here, not some nutbag in the street.
As of last year the president of our parliament (not president as in The President, but more like a kind of chairman – the top dog that is supposed to keep people in check as they speak in parliament) is a former long time member of this party (1994-2015).
He has stated that homosexuality is a deviant form of sexuality, that it is not normal. He also supports the death penalty (Sweden has not used the death penalty since 1910, and it has been abolished since 1922).
Among the most heinous things this man has claimed – and this he did last year when he was actually the president of parliament – is that Sami-people, Torne-people, Jews and Kurds are not Swedish if they are not assimilated into Swedish society, even IF they have citizenship.
This might mean nothing to you, but it should be noted that not only does our laws state that if you have citizenship you are in fact Swedish, but also that the Sami is kind of like our Native Americans. They are the original Swedes ffs!

This party ran an international (as in ‘in english’) ad-campaign in the subway where they apologized for the beggers tourists might encounter, and that these beggers are the result of mismanaging of the country…
The stupid fucks couldn’t even spell the word ‘government’ right!

They also sent people to other countries, to the beaches where refugees touched land after ardous boat rides. What did the representatives of this party bring with them, you ask? Blankets? Water? Food?
No, they came armed with leaflets… Leaflets explaining to these tired, fleeing human beings that Sweden was not an option to them. Sweden did not have enough room to fit them in. In short, that Sweden does not want them to come here.

Now, side track over!
During this past year people who believe that they are protecting our way of life (or some bullshit like that) have taken it upon themselves to try and rid us of all these pesky refugees… And how do they do this?
Well, they find out where a sanctioned refugee home is (or is being bulit/converted) and they burn it down.
Yes, they burn it the fuck down!
In the name of Swedes everywhere, they just burn that shit to the ground! And according to comment sections a’plenty it would be all the more awesome if those places had been packed with refugees…
17 refugee homes have been burned as of October this year.

This might all seem unreal and excessive to an outsider… I mean, this is pure hatered and racism at its core! It is intangible.
So let me make it tangible for you…by making it small, because, like Egg Shen said, that is how it always start. Very small.

Swedes are not incapable of change. Change is what happens when time and environment meet and go for coffee. Something that was a-okay yesterday might not be okay today, and that is not difficult to understand.

For instance, it is not legal to strike your child. This has been explicitly illegal since 1979. If you strike your child today because you feel you have a right to and get arrested for it, you wouldn’t really have a case – and not many people would come to your defence.
Also, on September 3 1967 we changed which side we drive on in this country. On a given mark cars simply switched sides and from there on we drive on the right hand side. If you were to drive on the left had side today because you feel you have a right to, you’d probably cause an accident AND get arrested AND you wouldn’t have a case.

These things are not debatable, and I’m willing to bet you couldn’t find any sane person who think that these things are in any way, shape or form wrong.

Now…here’s where that “small start” enters, and where you might see how we as a country have a huge fucking problem (in case you read all of the above and still don’t get it).
There is a small pastry that is immensly popular in this country. It consists – mainly – of oatmeal, sugar, butter, a little bit of coffee and cocoa-powder. You mash these things together, form small balls and roll them in dried shredded coconut flakes (details vary, of course, but this is how I would make them).


For a long time these were called “negerbollar”, and a direct translation of that would be “nigger balls”… No, I’m not joking. Not even a little bit.
That is what I would call them as a child, because that is what they were called. That is the name they were sorted under in many – MANY – cook books. People would actually walk into a coffee shop and ask for “a cup of coffee and a nigger ball”.
I know how it sounds… Trust me, I know!

As late as 1986 this word was introduced (yes, introduced, not taken away) in the official Dictionary of the Swedish Academy. Of course, the word had been around for a lot longer than that, but it was kind of officially recognized as part of the swedish language….in 1986!
Twenty years later, in 2006, they introduced the word “chokladboll” (“chocolate ball”) instead, but the word “negerboll” remained – however it is now accompanied by a recommendation to not use it, as it is derogative.

As of today, there are Facebook groups, sporting many thousands of members (The group “We who do not think nigger balls are racist” have as of today, 31 dec 2015, 26.911 members), supporting the use of the old name of this pastry. It splits friends apart, it starts fights, it creates hate and name calling… There are people that will fight you to the death for their right to use the word “nigger ball”… Still not joking.

These people refuse to go with the times. These people still live it up like it’s 1964. These people are incapable of change and these people are the reason why we have a fucking problem in this country.

You still want to come visit us?
Go right ahead, you are very welcome. Most of us are nice people, just beware of all the assholes that will surround you on a daily basis!



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