Here’s the thing;
I am very well aware of the fact that I am Hollywoods wet dream when it comes to movie previews. I really am! If you make the preview cool enough, I will eat it up like it’s candy, ok. I’ll swallow that stuff whole, and enjoy it!
And, what’s better for Hollywood, I can’t help but to tell everyone I know about it. I’ll be their own little promotional whore, working for free, hocking their stuff!

That’s just who I am.

So let’s get down to my dirty little business!

Number 5!

Logan Lucky

I like heist movies, and the king of moderns heist movies is undoubtedly Steven Soderbergh, who (for those of you not in the know) did the Ocean’s trilogy!
Excitement begins when you realise this might be a kind of redneck Ocean’s-movie, and it builds from there once the cast starts to be revealed.
The lid is blown off once Daniel Craig starts talking, and sounds like a slightly gay, safe cracking expert from southern US.
Prediction: Lots of action, lots of laughs – and a twist somewhere!

¤ ¤ ¤

Number 4!

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

I like Ryan Reynolds, not just because of Deadpool, I actually think he’s a really good actor (he proved his acting chops in Buried, 90 minutes of just him, and no one else, buried alive in a coffin – claustrophobic to say the least!).
Samuel L Jackson has basically become a parody of himself, but when cast as pretty much exactly that – it seem to work!
For those who will spend the entire trailer wondering about who’s what – as far as I’ve understood it, Reynolds is the bodyguard, who – for some reason – is hired to protect Sam Jackson, who is a hitman (and doesn’t seem to think he needs protection at all).
Prediction: Probably pretty dumb – but lot’s of action, lot’s of laughs!

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Number 3!

Star Wars, episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Everybody and his grandmother is waiting for the next Star Wars movie, and not too long ago a teaser was released. It didn’t really do much to up the excitement (which is pretty high from the get go, to be honest)…but the newly released backstage footage has definately got my nerves popping around like it’s disco time!
And, because it is inevitable, the feels are out in force every time Carrie Fisher pops up on screen.
Prediction: A SCREAM of agony, as it will inevitably end in a mind numbingly frustrating cliffhanger, that won’t be resolved until the year 2019 or 2020!

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Number 2!


A few short facts;
The american film industry have a very particular ratings system, where the two top ratings are X-rating (basically only porn gets that one), and R (Restricted). This is like a 15-year limit or some such thing.
Problem is, kids bring money (or their parents do, but still), so most movies try to keep away even from the R-rating. This is easier to do in the US than in Sweden, because they care more about nudity and profanity than actual violence. So, a lot of pretty gruesome movies actually manage to slip through with the slightly less restrictive rating PG13 (Parental Guidence, may be unsuitable for children under the age of 13).
Now, watch the trailer for IT (keep the volume nice and loud) and as you watch this truly horrific trailer, keep the following in mind: IT has been rated R, a little bit for language, but mostly for violence, horror and bloody images.
Prediction: I will see this in the theatre, but on more than one occasion I’m going to click my heels together and with a panicked voice whisper “There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!” over and over again!

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Number 1:

Stranger Things (season) 2

The first season of the Netflix tv-series Stranger Things was one of the best things to ever come out of the already pretty awesome streaming service.
Netflix know that the show is monstrously popular, and the anticipation for a second season is insane!
At the San Diego Comic Con they released the trailer for season 2, and I have so far found at least fifteen different people, independent of each other, calling it the BEST TRAILER FOR A TV-SERIES EVER MADE!
I agree!
PS. One question, that many is asking, and me too, is: How much did Netflix have to pay to use THAT song in the trailer??? DS.
Prediction: 100% pure awesome!